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Adding a Discount - 2 Different Methods

It's easy to set a discount on an individual line-item or quote. Just follow either of the methods described below, depending on your business needs.

Method 1

Add the discount to the desired line-item in your CRM. Then once the quote is created via Paycove, that discount will be reflected. Here’s how it will look on the quote:


discount 1
Note: Be sure that you have set Disc to be displayed in the Products table.

discount 2

Method 2

You can also set a discount in Paycove on an individual deal. Just use the Manage fees/discounts button in the Summary section.

discount 3

You can use a negative number, either in a set monetary value or percentage, to set a discount. Click Save changes when you’re done.


discount 4


discount 5

Note: In this example, notice that the first discount is still being applied. This is simply for the sake of the example, and it is unlikely that you would do this.