Changing Currency

We have Paycove clients in many different countries, just like many of you have your own clients from all over the world. Because of this, we strive to accommodate our users by supporting a wide range of currencies. You are able to adjust your Paycove account's currency within your Account Settings under the Default Settings section. Doing so will cause your default currency to be automatically updated within Paycove.
account settings
account level currency
Know that this can be overridden by the currency from your CRM if the currencies do not match up. Therefore, you should always be aware of the currency that is being used in your CRM. Next we are going to discuss changing the currency in your CRM and in individual deals.

HubSpot Users

For HubSpot users, the default currency that is set up within your HubSpot account will automatically be sent to Paycove to be used on each of your quotes and invoices. You can change it in your settings within Currencies, if you have the permission level to do so.

hubspot-change-currencyPipedrive and Other Users

For Pipedrive users, the individual deal's currency will be automatically sent over to Paycove and applied to the related quote or invoice. Therefore, if different deals are in different currencies, Pipedrive and some other CRMs allow you to customize that information at the deal level. 

You may not have access to adding more currencies within your CRM if you are not the account administrator. If this is the case, you'll need to ask the admin of your account to update this for you.

Creating a Single Deal with a Different Currency

Despite what your default currency is set to, it is possible (and pretty easy) to create individual deals using other currencies if needed. And if you don't see your desired currency in Paycove's list of defaults, don't worry! You should be able to use any currency that your CRM allows for, even if it's not one of Paycove's defaults. You can select your desired currency when creating the deal in your CRM. Again, if you are not the administrator, you may not have the ability to change this.

HubSpot Example


Pipedrive Example

pipedrive currency

Once created, you should see the quote/invoice in Paycove in the appropriate currency. The currency will be represented by either its symbol or acronym.

many currencies

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