Commissions and Profitability

Adding Commissions

When making strategic business decisions, knowing the profitability of each deal is essential. With our commissions and profitability features, you can analyze your profits at the account, template, deal, and product level. Commission amounts will be used to calculate totals in your profitability report (see Analysis Tools section below).

Note: The commissions and profitability features are only available for customers using Paycove products—not your CRM products. If you do not see this feature available, be sure to disable Hubspot products in your CRM Settings.

Account Level

Set your commission at the account level to automatically apply to all deals. Go to Settings→Taxes and enter a commission amount as a percentage of each deal's total. Then chose whether or not you would like that commission applied to existing deals you have already created quotes or invoices for.

Commission amounts set here will be overridden by commissions set at lower levels. Remember to save any changes.

Template Level

In the top right corner of your template editor in the Template settings box, you can add a default commission amount that will be applied to all of the deals using this template. Either apply the commission to only new deals or existing deals as well.

Deal Level

Deal level commissions can be added just below the profitability report on your quote or invoice. Commissions set here will override the account and template level commissions, but will not necessarily override product level commissions.

Product Level Costs and Commissions

Within your quote or invoice, scroll down to your products section. Click the arrow button in the bottom right corner to open the products cost section.

In the costs section, you can add vendor costs and commissions for each product line item on your invoice. These costs and commissions will be factored into the profitability of the deal, but will not be visible on the quote or invoice for your customer. Be sure to save your changes!

Note: If you'd like to make vendor costs visible on the invoice, you can do so by inserting the Liquid template variables {{deal.commission}}, {{deal.profit}}, and {{deal.costs}} in your quote, invoice, or template.

Analysis Tools

Profitability Report

On the right side of the invoice, you can see a profitability report of your deal. This report shows profitability as a percentage of the deal's total accounting for all product level costs and the product or deal level commissions. Overall deal commissions can be added using the box just below the profitability report. Deal level commissions will override product level commissions.

Table View

In your quote or invoice table, you can choose to display columns for each deal's profit, commission amount, and vendor costs. Read more about changing the view of your quote and invoices tables from our Help Center.