Credit Notes

Many of our customers benefit from including credit notes in their quotes and invoices. You can create credit note templates and individualized credit notes through our Docs feature. If you are a newer Paycove customer, this feature should already be enabled by default for your account. If your account is older though, you may need to fill out a new Request Pricing Form where you'll request permission to Docs, and therefore credit notes.

Locating Your Docs

You can access your credit notes through Docs, which is found on the left-hand menu in Paycove. Once on the Docs page, you will find your full list of documents. You can manage your templates as well as view, edit, duplicate, or delete any docs here. We will first discuss what the Manage templates button does, and then afterwards, we'll go over the Create doc button.

docs page-1

Creating a Credit Note Template

Clicking Manage templates, and then Create template, will allow you to create a new doc template.
create new template

In this modal, you can choose from various document types in the dropdown list. You will find the option for a Credit Note in this dropdown.
credit note dropdown
Type in an appropriate name and description, then click Save.

You will then be taken to the doc editor page with your newly created credit note template.
credit note template

There is a lot that you can add and edit - text, stylistic elements, tables, images, and many specific Liquid variables, to name a few things. There are pre-made tables under Smart Components, or you can create your own tables from scratch. Familiarize yourself with the toolbar at the top.
credit note template options

Keep in mind this is just the template, so you may not want to add anything too specific yet. Be sure to name and save your template.

Creating a Credit Note

After you've created at least one credit note template, you'll be ready to create the actual credit note. For credit notes, it is recommended that you open the invoice that you'd like to add a credit note to, and look for the the Docs panel on the right side of the invoice page. Choose the template you'd like to use from the dropdown, then click Create. 
docs right side
Note: You can also create a credit note by clicking the "Create doc" button on the Docs page. However, if you do so, you'll need to be sure you sync it with the desired quote or invoice. 
The doc editor page will open, and you'll then be able to create a credit note tailored to the particular deal. Familiarize yourself with the options available above the toolbar, as you can choose to preview or download the note here, sync line-items with the note, and more. Whatever Liquid variables that are here should show the correct data when you preview or download the credit note.

credit note doc

Notice that the note is automatically named by the template followed by the deal name. Click Save doc when you're done.
save docNow when you return to the quote/invoice in checkout-admin view, you'll see that the individual credit note appears under Docs. You'll also be able to find them later on the Docs page itself.


If any data appears to be inaccurate, you may need to sync the credit note with the deal by using the Sync button at the top of the credit note page.

If a credit note seems to not be pulling in certain data at all, you need to be sure it's attached to an actual deal. Again, you can choose the deal to connect to the credit note by using the Sync button at the top of the page, and then choose which deal you'd like to connect.


If you need more assistance with credit notes or any other document type, you can reach out to us at!