Due Dates

When running a business, it is vital that both you and your customers know when an invoice is due. Paycove simplifies this process by allowing you to set due dates at the account, template, or invoice level.

Changing the Due Date at the Account Level

This is the most general of the 3 levels. You can think of it as a base level whose rules will apply to all quotes and invoices unless they are modified on a more specific level. To change the due date at the account level, navigate to  My Account > Account. Here you can choose a default due date to be applied to all quotes and invoices created on your company's Paycove account. Just enter a number of days and select a reference point to set the due date from.

due 1
Changing the Due Date at the Template Level

This is the middle of the 3 levels in that it is more specific than the account level, but not as specific as invoice level. Navigate to the template editor through Settings > Templates, and open or create the template you'd like to edit. Find the Template Settings section located on the right. Here you can create a default due date for any quote or invoice assigned to that template. Due dates set on a template will override the account level due date. 

Simply choose the number of days the invoice is due after the selected reference point (i.e. created date, sent date, imported date, etc.). Make sure you've named your template, and as always, be sure to save your changes. Any invoice using this template will follow this rule to create a due date.

due 2
Changing the Due Date for Individual Invoices

The invoice level is the most specific of the 3. Due dates created on individual invoices will override the default due date created from the account or template level. 

To edit an individual due date, open the invoice of your choice in Paycove and go to the section titled Days Outstanding on the right. You can choose a specific due date, or the number of days the invoice is due after the selected reference point.

due 4Displaying due dates on your template

You can display the due date anywhere on your quote or invoice by adding this Liquid variable to the template section that you'd like to display a quote or invoice's due date: