How does auto-pay work for scheduled payments?

When you create scheduled payments on an invoice, you will have the option to turn on auto-pay. In order to record a customer's payment source, the customer must do a checkout on an invoice or scheduled payment. The customer's payment source (i.e. credit card, bank credentials, SEPA, iDEAL) will then be saved for future charges from Paycove. You can update this default payment source from your payment gateway dashboard, or have the customer make another checkout on Paycove. Paycove always sets the last payment source as the default source for the user.

auto bill feature

On the day the payment is due, Paycove will attempt to charge the saved payment source the amount due on that day. The Paycove admin of the account will receive an email notifying them of the success or failure of that charge. If the charge fails, the reason for the failure will be included in the email. To further help your team keep track of these payments, Paycove will email the account admin a summary of the payments due that day in the morning, as well as in the evening. 

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