Matching Deals to Particular Templates

The "Matching CRM Attributes" Function

 Whether you manage a vast range of customers and product types, or you simply like to automate things, you may find that you want your deals to be automatically assigned to particular Paycove templates. You can achieve this goal without much fuss by using our Matching CRM Attributes function. This function allows you to assign certain types of deals, clients, pipelines, and more to their own templates. Read on to learn how to set things up.

Selecting an Attribute to Match

To properly match CRM attributes, either create a new template or open an existing one that you'd like to edit. Then look on the right side of the page under Template Settings to find the section labeled Matching CRM Attribute. This will appear in any template except the default one. That's because this feature can't work as a default template; that would defeat its purpose.
matching crm section

Here you can choose an attribute that you'd like to use to match with the deal on the CRM side. Think of this like a label. It will tell Paycove what to look for and which deal(s) to ultimately pull in. Open the dropdown, and you will see many attributes to choose from, ranging from the contact's email address to an organization's phone # to a deal's product code. There are more options at the bottom including CRM pipelines and CRM stages.
choose attribute

Select your desired attribute from the dropdown. In this example, we'll choose "Contact - Email."

Entering a CRM Attribute Value

Once you've chosen the attribute that you'd like to be matched, fill out the section just below it titled CRM Attribute Value. This means that you'll need to type in the exact name, billing address, email address, product code, etc. that you would like to be used as a reference for this specific template. As the title states, the wording and spelling must match exactly. (We've entered the particular contact's email address in this example.) Once you're done, do NOT save this as the default template. Click Save.

example attribute email

Choosing these options will cause this template to match up with a deal in the CRM that has the same contact email address. On the HubSpot side, here is where the contact email address was found for this example:
hubspot side

Learning to match CRM attributes within your templates will open up a lot of possibilities in terms of automation, and can result in more organized, streamlined invoicing for you.

Feel free to reach out to us at if you have questions or need assistance settings things up!