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Syncing Your Quote or Invoice to Match the Deal

If your quote or invoice doesn’t match the corresponding deal in your CRM, try the following troubleshooting solutions to see if there’s a quick solution.

Resync Using the CRM Extension in Paycove

In Paycove, open the specific quote/invoice that doesn’t match and refresh it using the CRM extension on the right side of the screen.

With this option, it's important to understand what Synced With [Your CRM] means. It refers to the last time Paycove pulled updates from your CRM, not when Paycove last pushed to HubSpot.

Import Deals from CRM

 Make sure you Sync CRM Data on either your quote or invoice table.



For HubSpot:

  • Open the specific deal in HubSpot
  • On the right under Paycove, click on Actions to Refresh the deal.

For Pipedrive: 

  • Open the specific deal in Pipedrive
  • You can refresh the invoice/quote in the deal’s timeline.


For HubSpot:

  • At the bottom of the CRM Settings page, make sure you have checked Enable HubSpot Products. Don't forget to save your changes.

For Pipedrive:

  • If your products aren’t matching properly, go to Products in Paycove and click Import Pipedrive Products. Be sure to click save.