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Attaching Files to Invoices

Paycove gives you the ability to attach additional files to your quotes and invoices, such as product details, blueprints, images, or any further information about your business. With our file attachment feature, you'll be able to add a variety of file types, including XLS, PNG, DOCX, and PDFs to your quotes and invoices from within Paycove itself.

Adding a File

To add a file directly to your quote or invoice, open the specific deal inside Paycove and scroll down to File attachments. Either click on this the area near the cloud icon and select a file from your computer, or drag and drop your file here. Files you have attached to your deals in your CRM will not be transferred over to your quotes and invoices. 

file-attachmentsYou can view your attachments at the bottom of your quote or invoice view. Click on the cloud icon to download files, or the trash can to delete them. Here is an example that shows 3 attached files.files-uploaded

Accessing Files on your Quote or Invoice

You can access your files either from the editor view (as shown above) or from your digital invoice preview. Any attached files will be available at the bottom of the digital invoice for your customers to download.