Issue a Credit Note (Without Docs)

Even without access to Paycove's Docs, you can still create credit notes

Credit notes are often required to provide proof of a credit to your customer. To help keep these notes synced with your CRM's financials, Paycove allows you to create and issue an invoice with a negative monetary value. (For a full walkthrough on credit notes, see this article.)

Step 1.

Create or modify a deal on your CRM and assign it a negative value to reflect the credit and resync the deal with Paycove.

Step 2.

Adjust the invoice title and any other descriptions to reflect the necessary information.

Step 3. 

Send the credit note via email. You may also create a PDF record of the credit note as well by clicking on the "download as PDF" button. 

Step 4.

(Optional) Feel free to mark the corresponding deal won, or lost, depending on your preference.