Quote and Invoice ID Numbers

By default, quote and invoice numbers use the related CRM deal's ID which can be found at the end of the deal's URL from your CRM. Paycove allows for customized quote and invoice numbers with numbers and letters to stay organized. This ability ensures compliance with accounting regulations.

Customize Quote/Invoice ID - Overall

In the template editor, you have the option to choose which numbers your quote and invoice numbers begin at. From there, they will count up with each quote or invoice created. To set this up, navigate to the template editor and open any template. The changes you make will be applied across ALL quotes and invoices, regardless of template. SO within any template, locate the section titled Number Precursor and click Edit.

updated number precursor modal 

A modal will open. Here is where you can set the precursor (which will appear next to the number) and the quote and invoice starting numbers.

By default, the precursor is set to add the word “Quote” or “Invoice” before each number. Using an "if statement" with Liquid templating allows you to customize the name for quotes and invoices to be dependent on given traits of the deals. For example, maybe you want the words "Quote" and "Invoice" to always be in German. You would then add this line to your Quote/Invoice Number Precursor:

 {% if deal.type == "invoice" %}Rechnung{% else %}Angebot{% endif %} 

This will cause invoices to say ‘Rechnung’ and quotes to say ‘Angebot’ before their assigned number.

Remember that the edits made to your Quote/Invoice Number Precursor will apply to all quotes and invoices, regardless of the template.

Customize Quote/Invoice ID - Specific Quote or Invoice

To edit a specific quote/invoice number, select the quote/invoice from the table in Paycove and edit the number. This will override the standard number established from the overall account rules.

edit individual

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