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Reports (Beta)

This article will be updated periodically to provide new information

What is the Reports Feature?

The Reports feature, also known as Reporting, is a powerful new tool that allows you to create visuals like tables and graphs in real-time, giving you an organized analysis of your and your customers' invoicing activities. You are able to create customized filters based on criteria such as date range, client, payment status, and much more to show you highly specific information, giving you greater insight into your business' financial health.

We'll provide an example below to give you an idea of how it works. In this case, we've filtered our invoices to only display ones created in the past 30 days. Here are the results, shown in table format by default. Note the visualization options available on the left side of the page.


We've then chosen the Bar graph icon and clicked the Visualization option icon. We set the X-axis to display the customer name, and the Y-axis to show the remaining balance. Here is the resulting graph:


You can also choose to download your results at any point in the process in XLS, CSV, JSON, or PNG format. Just click the download icon at the bottom of the page.

download-resultsThe customization and analytical abilities of Reports are huge, and this is just one small example of what it can do. This feature can help you to visualize payment trends, spot habitual late-payers, and identify growth opportunities, helping you to better understand your business' status as well as plan its future direction.

How to Start Using Reports

You will need to have Paycove's beta features enabled in your account to be able to use Reports. Your account admin can reach out to us at support@paycove.io and request access to beta features, including Reports, and we'll be able to update your account.

Once you have access to beta features, your account admin will need to give you permission to be a Reporter. We recommend that the Reporter role is only given to users who need it, as there will be a small monthly charge per user.


After being granted the Reporter role, the Reporter will need to manually navigate to https://paycove.io/reports. Typing paycove.io/reports into your URL bar should bring you to the page. (This feature isn't included in the menu yet since it's so new!)

If you have questions on Reports, feel free to reach out to us at support@paycove.io and we'd be happy to give you more guidance.