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Tracking Activity

How does Paycove track activity?

Paycove allows you to track your customers’ and team member's interactions with all quotes and invoices. Paycove will track activity via either of these methods:

  1. Each Paycove quote or invoice is generated with a trackable URL. You can manually copy/paste and send the URL via email or other messaging systems to your customers
  2. All auto-generated emails sent via Paycove will contain the trackable URL to the web version of the quote or invoice. 


Here’s an example of what a trackable invoice URL looks like: 


Notice the ?pct=true, this is the parameter that Paycove appends to the url so it can be tracked. Anytime a user clicks on a trackable URL, Paycove tracks when and where the quote or invoice was viewed. 

Note: If a customer only views the attached pdf of an email sent from Paycove - the view will not be tracked. 

How to Access the Trackable URL:

First, click on the quote or invoice number from the table.

The trackable URL is located on the right side under “Invoice settings” from your admin view of each quote or invoice. You can also copy/paste the URL directly to an email before sending to your customer or use the icon to the right of it to save it to your clipboard.

Note: By default, Paycove will always use the trackable URL for the digital invoice or quote you send to the customer.

You can also access the trackable URL in the CSV/XLS file when exporting your quote/invoices, or you can enable it to display on your quote/invoice table. 

To do this, go to the quote/invoice table, select the gear icon in the upper right corner, then check the box for Invoice URL to create a column displaying the trackable URL. 

Tracking customer activity:

You can find a quote or invoice’s activity history in either your CRM deal’s activity feed or in Paycove. The activity section of your quote/invoice in Paycove contains a detailed timeline of customer and team member activity. 

To find this section, open an invoice in Paycove, then scroll all the way down to the Activity section. 

Here you can see activity of who viewed the invoice, when it was viewed and their IP address. 

If a customer has viewed the web version of a quote or invoice, click on the eye icon next to the IP address to see publicly available information associated with that IP address—the city a customer viewed the invoice or quote from. This features helps you verify that your customer has viewed the quote or invoice.  

Note: The given location information may not always be accurate for various reasons (i.e. if a customer is using a VPN).

Additionally, Paycove will send notifications to your CRM when a customer views your quote or invoice. You can keep track of any customer activity by opening the deal in your CRM and navigating to your Activities feed. 

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