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Integrating Systems

Streamline your billing process with Paycove by integrating Paycove with your CRM, payment gateway, and accounting software. Once connected, our user-friendly software will help you collect payments faster and ensure data accuracy.

These integrations are not required to use Paycove, but are recommended to enhance your billing workflow and get the full benefit of Paycove's features.

Connecting With Your CRM

When you first sign up with Paycove, you'll be prompted to integrate with a CRM. Paycove gathers your sales information from your CRM to create quotes and invoices. Because Paycove is so closely intertwined with your CRM, if you would like to change your CRMs, you will need to delete your existing Paycove account then create a new one.

Integrations Screenshot

Don't see your CRM? Contact us at support@paycove.io to request new CRM integrations.

Accepting Online Payments

Connect your account with a payment gateway such as Stripe or CardConnect to accept online payments through Paycove. Go to Settings > Integrations, then select your preferred payment gateway and follow the prompts to get set up.

Integrations 2

Streamline Your Accounting Process

If you are on the professional plan or higher, you are able to integrate your Paycove account with Xero for all your accounting needs. Contact us at support@paycove.io if you would like to integrate with other accounting software such as Quickbooks or Sage. These integrations require more time to implement and you may be required to upgrade your Paycove plan. Taking advantage of accounting integrations with Paycove can streamline your business processes across departments and ensure accurate reporting.

More Automation Through Zapier

Connect your Paycove account with Zapier to automate tasks between Paycove and thousands of other apps such as Google Drive, Asana, Quickbooks, Slack, and more. Enable Zapier from your Integration Settings.

Click here for more information regarding Paycove and Zapier.

We are continuously working to enhance our integrations. Contact us at support@paycove.io with any questions or integration requests.